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One model in today's watch industry - whether it is new, used or vintage - will set pulses racing like none other. The Daytona, regardless of its reference - whether it's the Newmans or the Vacheron Constantin Replicas -- is the most sought-after,Vacheron Constantin Replica most coveted, and most successful Rolex model.

You will have seen the discussion on Instagram and watch blogs about the Rolex Daytona becoming a brand within the brand. There are Rolex collectors and Daytona collectors. The Daytona, spearheaded by the Italians has been a power play unlike any other watch. This is illustrated by the fact that the market still reels from last October's explosive results of "Newman's Newman", which was the most expensive wristwatch ever sold.

One for the record books: Paul Newman's Daytona was auctioned in October 2017 at a staggering $18 million. It is the most expensive wristwatch ever made.

The Daytona continues to set new price records in all its flavours - Oyster Sotto Newman's MK1 Oyster Paul Newman" Daytona, Oyster Sotto Newman and unique pieces - but this article will be devoted to the other branch of the family: the Vacheron Constantin Replica-powered, 165xx.

The Vacheron Constantin Replica-powered, self-winding chronograph was the first Rolex. Collectors have always been interested in the so-called Vacheron Constantin Replica Daytonas.patek philippe calatrava replica Their value increased dramatically when the new version of the steel Daytona was launched at Baselworld 2016. This is a fascinating pattern for Rolex watches. As new models are released, older models appreciate. Over the last two to three years, the value of the 165xx series watches has almost doubled.