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What if you had the history to make a table clock, or a watch?

Yes, that's true. We have received requests from clients asking us to do bigger things. You were referring to challenges. To make something small and to reduce it to a manageable size is a challenge. It was tables clocks and large automatons that were used in the past. But today it is possible to put it in a wristwatch. It would be fascinating to make it larger, but it would also be challenging to improve the sound. It adds another dimension to an automaton. The movement and animation are very fascinating, but I also want to improve our sound innovation. For example, a table clock is one direction that we are going to take.

Referring to the earlier response, the last few years have been very difficult for the industry. How has this affected Rolex Replica Watches?

Hong Kong was our first market. Although we have had to suffer,Replica Rolex Watches there are other markets that have made up for it. We are strong in Switzerland, have a good relationship with our retailer, and have a boutique in Geneva. We have done well. I would also say that we have a unique positioning due to the fact that we offer exceptional pieces at an extremely high price. This allows us to reach a higher level of clients. We are now doing more of what we call "the philosophy of the unique" - it is a way to customize watches. It's the ultimate luxury and people are asking for special products. We are able to quickly make proposals because we have seven artists on-site. We have a direct connection with our final customer, who can request a sketch, an automaton with a specific setting of diamonds, a particular landscape, and so on. We also see an increase in requests. Last year was an exception. We still had a high demand for exceptional pieces, even though it was harder to do normal business.

Christian Lattmann is the CEO of Rolex Replica Watches

It's obvious that people want exclusivity and uniqueness,corum replica watches and they have the means to afford it. If you can offer this, it is a great thing.

We need to raise our awareness because Rolex Replica Watches, as you know, is a niche brand. The people who discover the brand love it. It's what we need right now. We need to be more visible in media and social media so that the public discovers our brand more. Then we can really get to the next level.