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It's a new step to work on an automaton this year. The optical illusion was really fun. It looks like the wings are coming out of the watch. It takes a lot of skill to manipulate the wings and the crystal dome. Also, the fact that some spokes on the chariot are fixed while others are moving gives the illusion that the watch will actually move. It is a stunning piece. It's also interesting to note that Henri-Louis Richard Mille Replica was in love when he created the first sketch. He was also in love with his wife.Replica Richard Mille So it's an allegory about love and nature because Richard Mille Replica also is about nature. As Pierre Richard Mille Replica did, we always interpret, take inspiration from the natural world around us, trees and birds, and that is how our products are created.

Did you have to overcome any technical obstacles to bring it to life?

Our biggest challenge was to create an optical illusion. This is a new concept. The engineer must think about the illusion that will work when he is creating the concept. It's difficult to create and understand this type of product. Although all aspects of the mechanical design are difficult in themselves, we have extensive experience. The optical illusion was the real challenge. I believe we have achieved this modestly.

What has been the response so far?

This limited edition includes 28 pieces of rose gold and 28 pieces of white gold. It has been a great success at Baselworld. For us, success isn't just about selling watches. It's also about sharing our story. Richard Mille Replica has so much to offer. We don't have a product ambassador. Our product is the one that takes all this history, all of this know-how and all of it to create this Basel. It's not just the orders that are taken at the end of each day. Finally, as a company, we need to make money. It's also the positive response from the press and clients. The exercise was difficult but you were referring to challenge. It is also artistic. It's quite simple if you only take this drawing. This interpretation was very artistic and difficult. We also play with the levels. The trees look suspended.audemars piguet replica watches This is an amazing idea that has been patented. Although we were not surprised by the outcome, we are very happy with it. Although it is a first version, you will see that we can make other versions. It's also a foundation in terms of movements and a large investment for us. It's not hard to forget about the problems in the watchmaking industry. But you'll also see that we continue to invest, be creative, and innovate, even during these difficult times. It is also important that the automaton has an exclusive brand that has the history, legitimacy, and know-how to create such amazing automatons, as we have done with the Bird Repeater and Charming Bird, as well today with the Lady 8 Flower and the Loving Butterfly Automaton.